Tips for a Fun Halloween!

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halloween celebration tips

Tips for a Fun Halloween!


As with the rest of 2020, Halloween in Tokyo will look a little different this year. Coronavirus precautions mean that many traditional festivities and parades have been canceled or reimagined. But that doesn’t mean there aren't ways to have a spooky good time with the kids you're babysitting!

In addition to several events that are still happening (responsibly), there are plenty of options for enjoying Halloween at home. We’ve rounded up all you need to know to have a fun Halloween in Tokyo; check it out below!

Halloween Events & Activities in Tokyo

There are still a few opportunities to enjoy a safe, spooky Halloween in Tokyo. Some of our favorites have moved online and the in-person activities have been updated in the interest of keeping every happy and healthy. 

Roppongi Hills Halloween Mobile Walk Rally 2020, 31 October

Instead of a parade, this year’s Roppongi Halloween has been turned into a fun stamp rally! Download the app and have fun seeking out stamps with the kids around town. Your efforts will be rewarded with something sweet!

Kichijoji Halloween Festa 2020, 31 October

This year’s Halloween Festa is online, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t candy involved! There’s a virtual stamp rally with a surprise prize and a Zoom parade. 

Kawasaki Halloween 2020, Until 31 October

Usually, a crowd of more than 100,000 people turns up for Kawasaki’s festive Halloween parade. Crowds that large aren’t ideal these days, so instead, the event has been moved online. The kids can submit their costume via social media and have the chance to win 500,000 yen! (Make sure you check in with the parents first!)

Jack O Lanterns

Stop by National Azabu to pick up a couple of pumpkins. The supermarket is also hosting a special Trick or Treat event for elementary school-aged children on Halloween (from 4p -6p), well! To really amp up the creativity, we suggest a pumpkin carving kit to ensure you have all the tools necessary to knock your designs out of the park! Nissin World Market also has a supply of Halloween-themed decorations (and some discounted snacks!) if you want to help the kids throw their own (socially distanced) Halloween soiree. 

Halloween Costume Ideas

Even if the kids aren't able to participate in an in-person Halloween celebration, you shouldn’t skip the costumes. Especially in a year when you’re already wearing a mask! The easiest way to put together an awesome costume is to head to the nearest Don Quijote. Or, if you’re nearby or have the time, the Akihabara location specifically is said to be the best spot for pre-fab costumes. 

If the kids are feeling more creative, the list of DIY costumes below are a breeze to put together and are sure to be a hit (as well as fun to make)!

M&Ms (a classic!) 

Rubiks Cube (perfect use for that big box!)

Eggs (Another one that can be customized for kids of any age)

Ghost (Spooky and practical!)

Lemon Lime (or any citrus fruit will do)

Stick Figure (incredibly simple)

Halloween Crafts at Home

We were going to pick out a few of our favorite Halloween arts and crafts to suggest doing with the kids, but all of the ones we found are amazing! You can decorate the whole house, the whole neighborhood and even your fruits and veggies (in case you need to convince someone they’re fun to eat…). These crafts range from spooky, to silly, to sweet (literally) and are sure to make the day feel Halloween-y, no matter how you’re able to celebrate this year. Check out the below for some inspiration, get crafting and have a Happy Halloween! 

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